I Need Healing (EDM Remix) (Overwatch)

by Smooth4Lyfe



Overwatch Fans! Check out my EDM remix to Genji’s “I Need Healing” phrase! Banging bass and catchy tune too give anyone some musical healing! Enjoy! LISTEN ON SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC, or GOOGLE MUSIC!


Genji tell me what you need
And when your low on energy
If anyone has Mercy please
I’m bout to die I know you see

Heroes never die B!%@#

Break it down like Lucio
Hit em when the bass drops
Lock and load like Hanzo
Knock em’ out in four shots
Make it move like D.Va
Hit em with the robot
Genji gonna make you say
Hit em with the Mei
Beat colder than an ice block
Reaper with the kill streak
Die die die die

Power up the Overwatch
Everybody in the cut
Ready for the competition
Now its time to turn it up


released July 19, 2017




Smooth4Lyfe Silver Spring, Maryland

Smooth4Lyfe is nothing less than high impact energy. His powerful and addictive club sounds combined with his old school yet modern hip hop flow creates a new, hard to resist sound that competes with the music of today.

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